The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care currently funds prenatal screening for Down syndrome and trisomy 18 for all pregnant women who want this testing.

These services are provided through primary health practitioners (midwives, family doctors and obstetricians). More detailed information is available through the 18 Ontario regional genetics centers. Health care providers can refer pregnant women to these centers when indicated.

The Prenatal Screening Subcommittee of Ontario has developed this website to provide information to both health care providers and pregnant women on prenatal screening currently offered in Ontario. There are several links on the website that are not currently active. These links will become active as the work of the Subcommittee evolves into these areas.

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Prenatal Screening Program Committees

Announcing 3 new Task Forces for BORN’s Prenatal Screening Program (please select the committee to view its Terms of Reference):

If you are interested in participating on one of these groups, please respond to our Call for Nominations /Expressions of Interest.