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Screen negative results

A screen negative result means that the risk of the baby being affected by Down syndrome, trisomy 18, or open neural tube defects is less than the cut-off.  For example, the screen cut-off for Down syndrome with the Integrated Prenatal Screen is 1 in 200.  Therefore, any result, lower than 1 in 200 is considered screen negative.  The screen cut-off varies between screens and conditions.
A screen negative test can be reassuring but it is not diagnostic.  Therefore, it is important to communicate that a screen negative test does not rule out the chance for the baby to have one of these conditions; a screen negative test can reduce the risk but does not eliminate it.
ALL pregnancies have a 2-3% risk for any birth defect wich may or may not be detected by prenatal screening.
Following a screen negative result, the recommended follow up varies depending upon which type of screening test the patient had.  The different scenarios are listed below.
  1. Integrated Prenatal Screening (IPS) and Serum Integrated Prenatal Screening (SIPS):
    IF screen negative – ultrasound at 18-20 weeks
  2. First Trimester Combined Screening (FTS):
    IF screen negative – neural tube defect screening (MS-AFP at 15-20 weeks) and ultrasound (18-20 weeks)
  3. Maternal Serum Triple and Quadruple Screening:

    IF screen negative – ultrasound at 18-20 weeeks