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Nuchal Translucency Quality Assurance


Nuchal translucency (NT) has been a part of the Prenatal Screening in Ontario since 2001, and sonographers have played a huge role in providing the majority of pregnant women with excellent quality risk prediction for Down syndrome.

Both internationally and nationally, authorities have recommended that anyone providing NT measurements be a part of a formal NTQA program, as it has been noted that without it, measurement quality and therefore quality of screening deteriorates over time. Many Ontario sonographers have not been a part of the internationally recognized QA programs after initial certification, for example, with the Fetal Medicine Foundation UK.

Although we have been able to centrally track measurement data on all registered Ontario sonographers, to date we have not had the capacity to provide any feedback on that information.

The Prenatal Screening Subcommittee of the Provincial Council for Maternal Child Health and BORN Ontario are developing a Nuchal Translucency Quality Assurance (NTQA) Program. We are preparing to communicate further with individual sonographers and their supervising physicians to provide continuing updates and to open a dialogue about the upcoming program.
In order to communicate as broadly as possible, we are collecting contact information from sonographers and supervisors, via the “Nuchal Translucency Registration” link to the left.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to be in touch with the BORN Ontario NT Quality Assurance Program contacts:

Shelley Dougan:

John Lai:

Thank you for helping Ontario continue as a province that provides excellent first trimester ultrasound and prenatal screening.