BORN Ontario presented regular webinars to inform stakeholders on the organization's development during its early of operations in 2011 and 2012. Topics included maternal and child health-care research, committee development, privacy, and information technology.

BORN Ontario Committees

BORN Committees: Maternal Newborn Outcomes Committee & Ontario Congenital Anomalies Committee - October 2011

BORN Ontario Committees: Maternal-Child Screening Committee, Prenatal Screening Subcommittee & Newborn-Childhood Screening Subcommittee - March 2012

BORN Ontario Data

BORN Data: Use of Data for Improving Care, Quality Improvement, Reporting and Research - June 2011


BORN Ontario: Introduction - May 2011

BORN Partnerships

BORN Partnership: Presentation with eHealth Ontario and the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health - September 2011

BORN Privacy

BORN Privacy: BORN Ontario becoming a Prescribed Registry – July 2011

BORN Projects

BORN Projects: Live Birth Registration - June 2012

BORN Projects: NT Quality Assurance - April 2012 

BORN Reporting

BORN Reporting: BORN Maternal Newborn Dashboard - August 2012