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Genetic counselling

Genetic counsellors are health care professionals trained to communicate genetic and health information to patients and their families.  Genetic counsellors may work with geneticists or with other health care professionals, such as maternal fetal medicine specialists.  The purpose of the genetic counselling session is to review all of the options  available to a patient so that they can make the most informed decision about their prenatal care.  A genetic counsellor will support the patient through the decision making process.
Some of the options discussed during the appointment could include:
1)  Diagnostic testing, including CVS and amniocentesis
2)  Ultrasound
3) Continuing the pregnancy, with or without further testing, and involving other health care professionals that may be relevant to the care of the child once they are born
4)  Terminating the pregnancy
A referral is required for patients to see a genetic counsellor and can be made by any physician involved in the care of the patient.  To see a list of the genetics centres in Ontario and their contact information, click here.