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Active Opportunities for Community Involvement

Community Partnership Group – Call for Membership

Consider becoming involved in this public community group if you would like to share your experience with prenatal screening in Ontario, either as a patient, partner or family member.

Find more information here.

Prenatal Screening Ontario (PSO) is creating a Community Partnership Group (CPG) to engage with the public to understand their needs and their experiences as it relates to prenatal screening. This engagement will inform the work of PSO relating to the development of educational material, quality assurance of the program, standards of care and new screening options that could be integrated into the current prenatal screening program.

The roles and responsibilities of the Community Partnership Group include:

• To co-create strategies for actively partnering with the community in designing, planning and improving prenatal screening throughout Ontario.
• To identify priorities and areas of focus for improvement, in alignment with the mandate of Prenatal Screening Ontario.
• To contribute to initiatives of the PSO Education, Clinical Standards, Data and Quality Assurance task forces and other working groups.
• CPG members are accountable to the PSO Lead of the PSO Community Partnership Group.
• CPG members are responsible to prepare for meetings by familiarizing themselves with materials sent out prior to each meeting.
• CPG members are responsible for attending meetings.
• CPG members will provide advice to the program, as opposed to advocacy

Recruitment for the Community Partnership Group is ongoing. If you are interested in sharing your experiences and would like more information on how to become a member, please check here.

Nuchal Translucency Quality Assurance – Working Group

PSO is tasked with developing and implementing a nuchal translucency (NT) quality assessment program for first trimester screening in Ontario. Through the implementation of the NTQA program, the PSO will support the Ontario sonography community in the acquisition of quality NT measurements, to provide education and feedback, as well as a means of ongoing QA to the province. The role of the NTQA working group will be to guide and support the PSO in developing and initiating an NTQA program, and to identify pathways for sonographer communication, education and remediation as necessary.
The roles and responsibilities of the NTQA working group include:

• To co-create strategies for disseminating information to sonographers across the province
• To identify opportunities and platforms for sonographer education
• To discuss and contribute to plans for a Ontario-wide NTQA program to include both image and curve auditing aspects
• To provide counsel and insight to the PSP on sonography landscape and identify key metrics for performance assessment

The inaugural meeting of the NTQA working group was held on October 5, 2018.

View the current NTQA Working Group membership and continue to check back for updates on their work.