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Data Monitoring and Quality Assurance Task Force

Data monitoring and quality assurance in screening are particularly important, as sensitivity and specificity measures dictate the likelihood of missed cases and the rate of overtreatment. Data monitoring also allows the program to measure how effective different measures are and how changes affect outcomes. In addition, as the screening modalities and screening targets shift, so will the opportunities for quality measurement and improvement.

The PSO Data and Quality Assurance Task Force has three overarching areas of focus:

1. To advise the PSO and BORN Ontario on strategies to improve or enhance the collection of data relevant to prenatal screening.

Examples include:

a. Improvement of the prenatal screening follow-up data capture
b. Identification of opportunities to enhance data capture around the offer of screening in primary care
c. Identification of new data sources or specific new data elements that would improve the quality assurance or performance assessment of any aspect of the prenatal screening system of care

2. To advise the PSO regarding best quality and performance metrics, feedback mechanisms, and reporting strategies.

3. To advise the PSO on how the use and dissemination of the data can improve the prenatal screening system in Ontario

4. Review key metrics to identify gaps in screening performance with options to make recommendations on how they could be addressed.

View the current Data and QA task force membership and Terms of Reference and continue to check back for updates on their work.