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About Us

New – Prenatal Screening Ontario

On behalf of BORN Ontario and the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health:

A New Prenatal Screening Program for Ontario

The Better Outcomes Registry & Network (BORN) Ontario and the Provincial Council for Maternal and Child Health (PCMCH) are pleased to share the news that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) has announced a new Prenatal Screening Program for Ontario.

“Ontario is … investing in the creation of a provincial prenatal screening program that will enhance access to standardized and high-quality prenatal screening across the province.”  This excerpt from the 2017 Ontario Provincial Budget will allow the implementation of recommendations of the PCMCH Prenatal Screening Strategy Task Force.

For over 20 years, pregnant women in Ontario have had access to high quality prenatal screening, provided in a collaborative system which has ensured that quality and access have remained clear priorities throughout.  This new program will serve to enhance the overall system of care, continuing with a collaborative approach to working out the implementation details by working closely with key stakeholders from the MOHLTC, BORN Ontario and PCMCH, as well as with the community of providers.